Don’t judge this 11year old boy  Matthew Smith by his age, he may be a pint-sized. Matthew Smith became the Britain’s youngest ever orchestra conductor also leading a 75-strong orchestra through a faultless rendition of the overture to Johann Strauss II’s Die Fledermaus. The boy was not fazed by the 1,300 crowd at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham, he conducted the nine-minute piece entirely from memory. The mother of the boy, Beverlyn Riley, 40 was all smiles as she watched her son and also proud of him.


Four years ago when he attended a Pentecostal church with his mother,he saw two violinists performing and he told his mother that he wanted to be ‘just like them’. His mother, Mrs Riley who work as a catering assistant at Nottingham High School, met with Derek Williams the school’s senior string teacher who set Matthew up  with an old violin.

Instinctively, Matthew placed his fingers in the correct place on the instrument and a star was born. Mr Williams said that Matthew had ‘music coming out of his pores’. He said the boy had ‘an inherent natural ability the like of which I have not seen for 30 years’.
Mrs Riley, who is divorced from Matthew’s father Cordova Smith and has since remarried, said that she had no idea where Matthew gets his musical ability from, although his father does play the saxophone.
She added: ‘I’m so proud of what Matthew has done.’

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